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FAscia Fitness & Muscle Timing

Without Fascia we could take our pectorals (chest muscles) and move them down to our belly.  No wonder why we joke about gravity getting the best of us!  This fascia acts as biological fabric that surrounds every structure in the body, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, even our organs.  It consists of fibrous collagen and soft living tissue, including our joint capsules.  Our fascia is our strength system and stores energy like a catapult or spring.  More importantly, there are at least 6x’s as many sensory receptors in our fascial tissues than in muscles.  These receptors are important for every move we make and every step we take as we navigate through our environment.

While all this importance as to what fascia does, why don’t we exercise it?  

It is within the spaces that we must maintain an area to move from.  Our strength, stability, and our integrity need to come from these spaces in order to move. Our masses, which are comprised of bones and muscles, need to move around these spaces.  When we have optimal range of motion, we keep the spaces between our bones.  ‘I have never heard of a hamstring replacement but, always hear about people getting a hip or knee replacement.’  

When it comes to keeping space between your bones, I am also referring to joint stability.  Our fascia helps this to happen but, needs to be neurologically healthy, and this includes an abundancy of fluid exchange to assists this fluid system to work with our nervous system. These two systems hold us together, gives us upright posture, as well as provides contraction and movement throughout our lifetime.   

Why Fascial Fitness and how is it different then other ways we work out in the gym?  

When we ‘remodel’ our fascia we stimulate our proprioception.  Our proprioception is needed to control and coordinate movements of our limbs and joints.  It feels great when we can remain stable and efficient with minimal effort.  It feels even better when this system is working at optimum to also help our recovery and repair.  It is incredible as to what it does.  Taking care of our connective tissue and nervous system needs to be primary, not secondary, especially either before and/or after our workouts.  

It’s always the right angle of the right muscle, that fires first. Beginning with our fascia and nervous system. Timing is everything.  

Come on in and during the month of August and find the groundwork for your longevity.  Take of your body, it is the only place you have to live in.

Through our limited number of classes and boutique services for body work our philosophy directly addresses aspects of your body that is like no other.